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  Welcome to PlanTrac

The PlanTracT Philosophy brings together for an Organisation the diverse planning and reporting requirements of the Directors, Management, Staff, Funding Agencies, Sponsors and Clients.

  Introduction to PlanTrac

On click on Quick links provided on the top User is navigated to the selected modules. Click on icon to read the On-Line Help regarding the selected module.


About PlanTrac

The PlanTracT system leads you through a logical process to end up with specific Actions that will enable your staff to achieve the Targets set for them. The purpose of having such a process is to assist your Organisation to know exactly what is happening, when it is happening, and how much is happening

However firstly the basic setting up of PlanTrac with the required information has to take place so that PlanTrac meets the needs of your organisation.

At each stage of the PlanningProcess there is a link to relevant examples that may be used if required.

Please note: The administrator can change the headings used to those desired by your organisation as well as change the names of the menu and links. Please visit the Menus Settings in the Company tab on the main ManagementToolbar section for further details

Remember PlanTrac is as good as the information you put in. A major asset of PlanTrac is that it allows you to plan at one time everything we plan eventually, generally the night before. It then records the process, which enables reports to appear at the push of a button. No longer do we need to spend hours writing reports

PlanTrac enables you to plan your whole year from the overall Corporate Strategies right down to specific Actions as well as the reminders, that occur in a set week.
The first thing you will need to do is create a Plan for your Organisation. To create a plan, click on the [Strategic Plan] link on the [Plan] Menu. Here you will define the Vision, Mission, Values of Organisation, Goals, KPIs, Result Areas and Programs that describe what your organisation will achieve is what Governance will want to see and ensure is being actioned. This is the high level planning that will be extended down through the PlanTrac systems into actions plans for each staff member
This is where you plan out every program that Governance requires to be actioned. To develop a Corporate Plan, click on the [Corporate Plan] link on [Plan] Menu. Here you will develop the Programs as identified in the Strategic plan through developing the Strategies for a selected Direction and allocating Actions to each strategy As part of the Corporate Plan you will also define the indicators that will be used to measure progress and set the Corporate Annual Targets for each Action that could be performed by more than one staff member
From the Corporate Plan, Performance Indicators are developed for each person in your Organisation. Actions are allocated to specific weeks allowing you to plan the workload throughout the entire year
The Target Planner is available once the user sets the target for each action. The target planner is displayed once the user clicks on the [Indicator] link or (Attendance] link in Personal Plan Builder. The Target Planner is where Annual Targets are broken down into Weekly Targets. Weekly targets help you focus on the specific timing of when Actions should occur. This also provides the basis for measuring (reporting on) progress through the year.
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If Sponsorship is crucial to the viability of your Organisation, PlanTrac allows you set specific targets for the benefits that your Sponsors will receive in return for supporting your Organisation. Click on the [Sponsors] link on the [Master Files] Menu. From this screen you can create a contacts list of your Sponsors, set corporate targets for various types of Acknowledgment and allocate the Targets to individual people in your organisation.

The actual tracking of completed actions and records can be done through weekly action sheets, Action Receipt form listing the various actions taken place and who attended it.
Weekly Action Sheets are created as a result of the Planning Process listing all planned tasks for the week.
Action Receipts are those staff records whose Actions they have completed. Action Receipts automatically have all the necessary details on the receipt and all that needs to be filled in, number of Actions completed and who attended. This is also where the details of Sponsorship returns are filled in.
The number of people who attended is a major part of the Action Receipt as it is important to know the number of staff attending to the total people.
The filling out of these receipts should be done on a daily basis as numbers may be extensive.
Management can track when staff is filling out receipts and those who are getting behind can be easily identified. This is done through by clicking the icon , which is available at right top of every screen.
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This unique system replaces the hours each month that staff spends writing reports.
PlanTrac can report against any of the individual Staff, programs, Directions, Strategies and Actions you have included in your plan on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
PlanTrac can report against any combinations of the above.
Reports can be gathered for all Indicators.
Separate Sponsorship reports can be developed.
With PlanTrac it is possible to create highly customised reports. Individual Actions can be selected from anywhere in the Personal Plans. A group of selected Actions can even be summarised together under an alternative heading with the results totaled together.
You can virtually develop whatever report you want and these can be developed at the push of a button once a report format has been established.
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All the functions of PlanTrac have been proven to be a real need.

If specific contracted items can be planned, timed and are able to be reported against accurately, then your Organisation has a greater opportunity to secure it’s future.
Planning Tools

The following special tools have been created that will help you work more efficiently towards creating your Personal Plans.
The Copy Wizard assists you to copy large groups of Actions from one plan to another. This will save you time by entering the information that already exists for a plan

The Copy Personal Plan Wizard assists you to copy large groups of Actions from one person's plan to another personal plan.

The Baseline Wizard gives you the administrator, control over setting the Reporting Target Baselines. These are the Targets that are used to measure and report progress and they may be different from the 'Working Targets' that may be adjusted to reflect variations in achievement through the year.

The Baseline Personal Plan Wizard gives you control over setting the Reporting Target Baselines of individuals. These are the Targets that are used to measure and report performance of individuals.

The Strategic Plan Wizard helps you to create a strategic plan by step by step process. 

The Corporate Plan Wizard helps you to create a corporate plan by step by step process.

The Personal Plan Wizard helps you to create a personal plan by step by step process.
The PlanTrac Reports Wizard tool provides a flexible and powerful tool for developing a range of reports. However, as you become more familiar with PlanTrac you may develop a requirement for a custom report particular to your Organisation. Contact us on the PlanTrac Help Line to discuss your ideas and a quotation will be prepared for the development of a Report that will meet your requirements. 
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