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Easy Exercise

An Easy to follow exercise plan for active lifestyles, good health and vitality

The health and well being benefits of regular physical activity are widely recognised but it is also recognised that many people need assistance to get started on a program of exercise and encouragement to stick with it.

The easy exercise manual will help people get started, learn more about exercise and their bodies, and provide enough variety to maintain interest for many years.

The manual is easy to follow and shows that exercise benefits should be gained little by little so it is an enjoyable experience.

  The manual is made up of the following information:  

Chapter 1 - Use it or lose it

This chapter contains general information about the benefits of being active and 20 tips for success. It discusses the idea of "Active Living" and how everyone can plan to put activity into every day. It also gives examples of different exercise scheldules or plans using the activities in the manual and incorporating other activities such as walking.


Chapter 2 - The warm up

This is all about 'warming up' - why it is important and how to warm up. The reader is given four sample warm-ups with a detailed explanation of each activity. Each of these warm-ups can also be used as a full workout session on it's own.


Chapter 3 - The "huff and puff" of fitness

Is all about aerobic conditioning, the huff and puff of fitness or cardiovascular conditioning. These are the kind of activities that help strengthen the heart. Many of the exercises given in the warm up also doubles as huff and puff activities when you perform them with a bit more energy.


Chapter 4 - Strength training

Deals with the importance of being strong. As well as educational background material, there are four basic strength workouts for you to do at home.


Chapter 5 - Stretching, flexability, suppleness

Covers the important topic of flexability and suppleness. This chapter is set out with a selection of stretches for each body part or muscle group - readers simply select one or two stretches from each group for their stretching program.

  Appendix 1 Bladder function
Appendix 2 Blank recording sheet
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