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Coaching CEO's of Sport
A friend for the organisation

The Need

In the days of accountability in the sporting industry, an independent opinion on important issues is a very responsible management and governance practice.

As sport enters the professional era and the pressure on staff is increasing, SMT believe CEOs are becoming more and more isolated and do not have the support structures in place to help them.

On one side they have their Boards of Trustees or Directors with whom they have limited time. On the other side they have the organisation's staff and clients who continually want information and support from their leader.

What we are suggesting is an integral part of risk management and will minimise exposure to Officer and Trustee / Director's liability.

The friend for the organisation role helps keep the organisation focused - both long and short term.

High performance sportspeople have mentors / coaches, so why shouldn't Managers/ Leaders have "Friends".

Successful management procedures have the focus on up-skilling and supporting staff (coaching the staff). The organisation will be judged as sports coaches are - by the 'results' of their team.



How does SMT Help?

SMT will provide ideas and advice to the CEO plus, if required, report separately to the Board (maximum twice a year). The role is to support Management and reinforce the good work being done or identify issues before they become problems.

We will then work with Management, in an advisory capacity, to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

The SMT's focusing statement HELPING PEOPLE TO HELP THEMSELVES will ensure we remain invisible whilst the client organisation continues to improve and benefit from all the opportunities available.


The SMT's role is invisible yet readily accessible. The CEO is still very much the leader with our role being a "friend for the organisation".


The Contract

For an annual contracted amount, SMT would be available initially to review:
Planning of the organisation short and long term.
The philosophy.
Accountability systems.
Structure of the organisation and how your product is delivered.
The quality of the product.
The networks and their use.
People skills of Management.
Training opportunities for staff.
Budgets and accounting processes.

An initial contract would involve the review, which would form a basis for further advice and also give a good landscape as to the future needs of your organisation, plus reporting to the board an agreed number of times per year.

From there, SMT will always be available for regular advice and discussion with the CEO. Additional requirements for example, systems, program management etc would need to be discussed and costed accordingly.

NOTE: It must be clear from the beginning SMT, while being contracted by the organisation through the CEO, sees itself as being responsible to the "Organisation". SMT will not be responsible for making decisions or for those that are made, but will endeavour to ensure all options are considered before important decisions are made.

  Benefits to your Organisation  

Independent opinion / advice for both CEO and the Board.


Ideas - nothing happens without an idea.


Accessible advice.


Proven Managerial skills.


Proven People skills.


Proven knowledge on regional delivery.


Proven knowledge of sponsorship concepts and processes.


Knowledge of dealing with the media.


Vast networks.


Understanding of the importance of teamwork and confidentiality.


Proven systems available upon agreement.


Corporate contacts.


Education / training opportunities.


Legal expertise.

Part of your risk management process.
SMT can meet most of your needs.
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