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Advice Programs 

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We have all been to courses/seminars where we are presented with so much information that we could never hope to retain even one tenth of what is presented.

This series of thought provoking 'Advice' programs are designed to provide helpful, experienced advice that will improve your own personal performance no matter what your role is and are presented in a way that will enable you to absorb the message without taking up too much of your time.

The Advice programs you have registered for will be sent by email on the same day each week and as part of that email you will have access to that weeks Advice information (communication). You will also have links on each email enabling you to search the Advice communications you have received in order to gain advice on any issues or concerns you may have at a given time. You will also be able to chat to the author and visit The SMT Group website for further product information including the Advice programs.


There are many 'messages' in these programs with the core message being that we should all attempt to be the 'best that we can be' and is achieved by identifying what your 'complete' role is and staying focused on achieving those component parts.

In these programs the attitude of 'best' implies a level above winning and losing (as those can be limiting), and will take people to the highest level of personal achievement and satisfaction.

The programs show how you can achieve that focus despite all the temptations that come along

What do you get when you register for the program?


After you have registered for the Advice program(s) of your choice you will receive an email to notify you that your next communication is available.


At any time you can log onto the website, run a 'search' on any word and be able to read the communications already received that relate to that issue


Each email sent also has the provision to ask questions of the author and so additional assistance is available.


The communications you receive will always be available to review and search even after your subscription for new communications has expired.


This process of a 'little at a time' falls into line with normal learning processes and will never be too much to cope with at any one time, no matter how busy you think you are.

The weekly communications are designed to provoke thought and the automatic filing and search capabilities of the programs will enable you to have advice whenever you want it or need it most.

Good advice is seeds for learning and we know you will gain a lot from any or all of the Advice programs.

Choose the subject(s) that interest you and click the button to enter that advice program.

When you decide to purchase you can register online and then you will receive your weekly communications and your learning will continue.

You can also print out a registration form for members of your Class/Group to fill in their registration details

The Advice Programs

Leadership Advice
Management Advice
Staff Advice
Coaching Advice
Athlete Advice
Sporting Parent Advice

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