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7 March 2003

To whom it may concern,

Leadership advice.

Four years ago I subscribed to the above service, which took the following form:

1.  A weekly newsletter on leadership issues;

2.  Ad hoc one-on-one advice, as and when required (mentoring)

I understand the first service is being offered as a separate service to a wider audience.

I found the newsletter service valuable as it was:


Presented from an unusual and often unique angle;


Thought provoking;


Relevant to my position;


Dealing with a single topic, and therefore not presented as a deluge of information;


Regularly distributed;


Easily digested;


Themed and memorable.


I found them a very valuable training and/or updating tool. It formed a valuable part of my regular continuing education as a manager. It often amazed me the breadth of information that was presented, new topics being dealt with, even after 200 or so issues.

I'm sure others will find the topics presented in a most useful fashion and commend others to augment their management education by reading this most interesting service written by one of sports most original thinkers.

Yours sincerely

Lindsay Crocker

Chief Executive
Auckland Cricket Association


12 March 2003


Reference for John Parker and The SMT Group

I first met John Parker in the mid 1970's. I was a promising young cricketer from Gisborne and he was a successful international cricketer. We instantly developed a rapport and have had a strong relationship to this day.

John was my mentor during my fifteen years of first class cricket. He not only had an outstanding technical knowledge of the game but also had a rare ability to assess and assist in the psychological aspects of the game.

John was one of the main reasons I managed to have a moderately successful first class career and was able to represent my country.

My greatest success as a cricketer, I believe, was as a captain. I was captain of Northern Districts for two seasons both of which were very successful in winning the Shell Trophy in successive years. A feat that Northern Districts had not achieved for well over 10 years. During those two seasons, John Parker was my sounding board from a technical, tactical and leadership perspective. We developed a very successful winning formula.

That relationship has now transferred to the business world. Over the past seven years I acted as CEO of Wellington Rugby Football Union and am currently CEO of the Auckland Rugby Football Union. John Parker has continued to be my mentor. John is my independent sounding board on all issues relating to the organisation. John's own experiences and knowledge developed over a number of years, has given me direction and confidence.

Specifically the Leadership Advice Program that was supplied to me over the last four years provided thought provoking direction on all leadership issues focusing on how to gain the best results possible while keeping everyone involved focused and achieving.

The content and presentation allowed weekly learning at a time convenient to me, that showed the importance of having those old-fashioned values, ethics and morals (that are so often lacking these days) in place and functioning.

I believe it is no coincidence that the success that was achieved in Wellington by winning the NPC in 2000 and transforming the business into a sound financial operation was a result of the adoption of those attributes mentioned.

Likewise, Auckland Rugby is currently enjoying similar success.

As well as providing a mentoring service, The SMT Group provides a unique advisory service covering all aspects of sports administration.

I have no hesitation in recommending John or The SMT Group's professional services to any sporting code throughout New Zealand.

Kind regards

David White

Chief Executive Officer


24 March 2003


Being a leader whether in business, sport or the community can be both challenging and rewarding. Good leaders are always looking to move their organisation and people forward and this will involve elements of risk at times and the need to break new ground.

Leaders like champion sportspeople need a strong support network. We all have strengths and weaknesses and mature leaders recognise this and ensure they have easy access to people with specialist skills, knowledge and experience.

All people who are committed to personal growth and development (especially our future leaders) will benefit from a support Program offered by the SMT Group. Why wouldn't you want to benefit from the experience and success the SMT Group has enjoyed over a long period in a wide variety of sporting and business fields?

The SMT Group will continually reinforce the tried and true formulas of organisational and people success. They will challenge you to get your fundamentals (both personally and the organisation) into top shape.

Personally, I found the weekly newsletter very thought provoking and logical as it built on the fundamentals before becoming more specific.

The weekly newsletter continually reinforced leadership is about ordinary people doing simple things well and consistently.

Leaders are busy people and the style of SMT's regular newsletters takes this into account. I believe it's important to make consistent effort to continually develop and grow as a leader and this service was an important part of my own development.

I strongly encourage you to invest in your own development and subscribe to SMT's leadership newsletter.

Yours sincerely

Murray Gutry

Executive Director
Perry Group Ltd

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