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This Program outlines how the modern manager's role has changed dramatically and is now similar to that of a sporting coach or assistant coach.

In the past, the managers were office bound and checked at the end of every month on the performance of staff.

The modern manager is expected to support and train staff ensuring they perform the best they possibly can as well as be involved in the accountabilities.


The manager looks after the day to day performance of the organisation.

The role of the modern manager is much more exciting and productive than the role was previously and just as an assistant coach works in sport so does the manager in an organisation.

This change in emphasis provides a wonderful opportunity for skilled staff to move into management as we understand it now as a large component of management now is knowledge of what staff is expected to achieve and ensure it is achieved.

The weekly communications are designed to provoke thought and the search capabilities of the Program will enable manager to have advice whenever they want it or need it most.

What do you get when you register for the program?

Here are some sample communications that will enable you to 'get a feel' for the concept.


After you have registered for the Advice program(s) of your choice you will receive an email to notify you that your next communication is available.

2. At any time you can log onto the website, run a 'search' on any word and be able to read the communications already received that relate to that issue.

Each email sent also has the provision to ask questions to the author and so additional assistance is available.


The communications you receive will always be available to review and search even after your subscription for new communications has expired.


Here are some sample communications that will enable you to 'get a feel' for the concept.

  Management Communication 001  
  Management Communication 002  
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