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Activity Audit

What is an Activity Audit

All successful organisations have financial audits, but very few have audits of their operational performance or Activity Audit.

The SMT Group is suggesting your organisation contracts SMT to perform an independent review of your activities and as part of the Audit we will make suggestions for 'improvements'.

With the experience SMT has, we feel we can add effectiveness and efficiencies to your organisation.



The suggestions in the Audit/Review will be based on The SMT Groups experience in the industry and will be independent of any funders.

You would be contracting the potential for improvements.

So many Audits are carried out by people or Consultants, who have little or no specific Industry experience, not to mention Industry successes.

The following areas of your organisation will improve as the result of the audit.


Leadership / Management







Philosophy / Vision


Training / Support

Who can Benefit?

The groups to whom we feel we can be of benefit are:

Sporting groups both National and Regional.

Corporates and their sponsorship budgets.

Local Councils.

Secondary and Primary School Sports Departments.

Government Departments wishing to involve or promote healthy living.


The SMT Group will:


Consult with the appropriate person/people to gain the background of the Organisation, what it is trying to achieve, and how it is trying to achieve those results.

Peruse Organisation's Plan.
Review policies, systems and other relevant documentation.

Talk to staff and observe staff in action.


Talk to and observe clients, stakeholders and participants.

Report to CEO and/or Board of Trustees/Directors.
Reviews can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client and we recommend they are carried out every two years.


There are so many questions groups regularly ask themselves.


There are large numbers of people out there 'busily doing things', but do we know actually what they are doing and is it what they are required to do?

Are they being effective?
Are we reaching our target group?

The more people we manage the more difficult it is to ensure their roles are coordinated


Are we well planned?

Is the planning well coordinated?
How much duplication is there?

Are we using people's skills?

Are we missing opportunities?

Are we trying to do too many things and therefore not doing them as well as we could?

Are roles clearly defined?
Are we good at working with others and/or forming partnerships?
Are we involving skilled people with specific expertise to ensure the Quality and therefore the results are the best that can be?
Are we a good example to others in everything we do?
Have we got good leadership?

Are we frightened of Excellence?

We are in the age of accountability and while, for a few, it is tempting to go overboard, the whole accountability issue can be turned into a positive while adding to productivity.

The modern way is for contracts to clearly identify the responsibilities of the respective parties.

Therefore we are judged on our ability to achieve the targets in the contract.

If we are to succeed we must have appropriate systems and processes in place.

To assess whether one has adequate systems and processes, or even to assess whether they are working efficiently, some sort of independent review is one way of answering this concern.

Often it is difficult for people inside our organisation to recognise how it can work more effectively.

What's the use of running if we are running in the wrong direction?


Do not wait until there is a crisis.

Activity reviews should be performed on a regular basis by preferably the same people so the Auditors get to know your business better each year.

Independent, confidential reviews are designed for reflection, acknowledgment of what you are doing well, and to take a look at improvements for the future.

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