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About SMT Group

What SMT Offers?


SMT can help you with the delivery of a Program or any part of a Program you wish to present to your client group or groups, e.g. Coaching, Kiwisport, Fairplay, Training, etc. SMT has vast experience in Programs on a regional and national level. The Directors have both invented and delivered their own Programs, plus have considerable experience in being contracted to deliver other organisations Programs.


SMT has extensive experience in dealing with the media as both directors have had successful sporting careers. Managing Director John Parker and Director John Wiltshire have both worked with the media. Most sports believe managing the media is a challenge and needs expert management.


Athlete Management

Meeting the demands of the modern high performer and the modern participant is extremely testing. This needs practical knowledge of professional sport plus considerable understanding and experience of developing successful systems (legal and otherwise). The Athlete must be kept focused on their sporting performance with all other aspects of their lives, including financial investments, being looked after. SMT can provide this service.


Both SMT Directors have been involved in Training and Education and are well aware of the importance of education if sport is going to keep up with the demands their clients will present. SMT believes training forms a major part of ones ability to achieve dreams.

Without training we run the risk of not maintaining the quality we need to continue to attract consumers to our activity/product.



SMT, through John Wiltshire and John Parker, have a history of running a wide range of successful events, from sporting competitions, dinners, after school activities for able bodied and people with disabilities through to mass participation events.


John Parker and John Wiltshire have had success in raising funds for organisations and clients. Between them they have raised over $15 million in the last 12 years. SMT believes in well thought out funding structures and processes and have a belief there are companies who have not been approached who might support accountable and efficient sporting groups. The corporates should have confidence they will receive the agreed returns.

SMT will be managing Corporate Sponsorship Budgets, ensuring sport is delivering the best possible benefits for the investor and helping sport achieve this with management advice and support.

Fundraising on large scales will be an increasing part of future funding and SMT has ideas and contacts to assist.


Our experience indicates this is the most feared part of running an organisation as some are encouraged to exist to plan rather than plan to exist. The value of planning should not be underestimated but should be the part of your organisation that focuses you on achieving your dreams. Plans should include your dreams and extend these to the "items to do" on a weekly or daily basis. Planning should be seen as the foundations on which you will achieve exactly what you dream. Good planning should focus your organisation and ensure everybody is clear as to what is required from all the individual team members.

Good planning will maximise the time staff have to perform their roles.


This is the planning, action and reporting processes together. Reporting accurately in a transparent system against your plans is being accountable. Good accountability processes will ensure you achieve your plan. This applies equally for financial and the physical functions of your organisation. To ensure these are in place the Management must have the systems in place through which they will report. SMT has the experience of developing successful systems that make being accountable an automatic end result.


SMT presents to their clients the benefits of their extensive NETWORK developed over the years by SMT Directors and their contacts. This saves clients a lot of time and enables better results sooner.

Sports Law

John Wiltshire is a practicing lawyer and has extensive experience in sports law. John lectures in Sport and Leisure Law at the University of Waikato through its Bachelor of Leisure Studies Degree. He has acted for sports men and women together with sports organisations and providers for many years.



For all organisations to succeed they require their leadership to be well trained and supported. This should be done with the knowledge and support of the ED or CEO and should be seen as assistance for them rather than a threat. SMT has the experience and ideas to give the outside input organisations require yet leave the responsibility for running an organisation to your MANAGEMENT TEAM. This arrangement means for a small investment, you will have an independent opinion/advice on what is happening inside your organisation and in these days of liability, we must do all we can to avoid problems.

Sporting organisations may have Programs or accountability processes that need managing and SMT has the required experience to assist you. These Programs may include a national or regional coach education Programs, education of the professional staff in your sport, referee/umpire education, national and regional education, sponsorship and funding opportunities etc.

Successful Management procedures have the focus on upskilling and supporting staff (coaching the staff). The organisation, and therefore its leadership, will be judged as sports coaches are – by the "results" of their team. Management must stay focused and not get distracted. SMT is a group of focused people.

The value of good management is that all the above mentioned areas – Networking, Accountability, Media, Training/Education, Events etc are able to be overlapped/coordinated so an organisation can gain the maximum benefits of all networks.

The SMT Directors have an excellent record of managing successful organisations, Programs, activities, people, media etc.

  Why SMT?


The needs of any sporting group revolve around people, structures, processes, roles, skills, systems, planning, training, accountability and management. All this sounds simple and we have heard it all before, the difference is SMT can assist these from a position of personal experience in managing successful sport and leisure organisations and Programs.


We will help you identify your customers' needs and promote solutions, based on our experience and network of advisors, all practical and workable and directed at helping you get the results you desire.


Our focus on "helping you to help yourselves", is our method of helping you to achieve the improvements you desire. SMT are not consultants but assistants to a process. We will advise you on "How to do" the "What to do".


The Directors of SMT have combined over 35 years (up to 1997) of modern, professional Sports and Leisure Management. When SMT is contracted to manage and support an opportunity, the Funder purchases the advice of two of New Zealand’s most experienced and successful Sports Administrators.


  John M Parker
Managing Director
  John Wiltshire


John Parker




John Morton PARKER


21 February 1951


(07) 839 5837

(021) 930145






1997 Present
Chairman and Managing Director of The SMT Group - a New Zealand company who deals in sporting Programs and computer Programs for sports groups as well as commercials and Corporates, educational organisations and local Governments.

Chairman of ASMT based in Cork in Ireland and Chairman of SMT UK, both dealing along similar lines to the SMT Group.

1985 - 1997
Executive Director - Sport Waikato
(Formerly Waikato Sports Foundation)

1985 - 1994
Cricket Broadcaster for Radio New Zealand

1976 - 1985
Owner of a Hamilton sports retail business

1971 - 1976
Professional cricketer for Worcestershire Country Cricket Club, England

Full time Professional cricketer for New Zealand Cricket Council

Professional cricket coach - Northland Cricket Association 1972-1975.

One year at North Shore Teachers College.




Represented New Zealand from 1972 - 1981

36 test matches (one as Captain)
2 tours as Vice Captain

Professional First class cricket for Worcestershire County Cricket Club (England) 1971 - 1976

210 first class games for Northern Districts Cricket Association, Worcestershire and New Zealand.

Captained Northern Districts for four years

NCA Cricket Coaching Award (England) honors.

8 years of administration with Hamilton Cricket Association.

Coached or part-coached 10 international cricketers from 3 nations


Represented Waikato in 1976

Represented Auckland Under 21 s - 1970

Represented Northland Under 21 s - 1969

Coach, Waikato Women's Hockey Team for three years

Other Sporting involvements.


Board member of the New Zealand Sports Assembly for 2 years.

Board member of ParaFed now Paralympics New Zealand since 1997.

Chairman Waikato Stadium Trust. This project upgraded both the cricket ground and rugby grounds to international standard with lights at both grounds ($35 million).


Recipient of a Winston Churchill Fellowship in 1987 and toured 11 Countries visiting sporting organisations from National Governing bodies to local activity groups. Countries visited included East Germany, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, UK and US. This trip had a significant contribution to the development of Sport Waikato.


Single figure handicap for golf

Ran a marathon
Club level table tennis and tennis

Played rugby, soccer, netball, touch, volleyball and squash

Interested in all sport

Coached 1 national golfer



"Life is about the achievements you have and how you have attempted to make things better than they were before".

Founded the following organisations and Programs;


Sport Waikato

Sport New Zealand Network

Fitness Waikato (with Stephanie McLennan)

Waikato Institute of Leisure & Sport Studies (with Lyn Gunson)

Bachelor of Leisure Studies Degree at the University of Waikato

Waikato Sports Promotions (with John Wiltshire)

The SMT Group - A New Zealand company that deals in sporting Programs (some that were started at Sport Waikato) and computer products for sport, Corporates, the Education system and local Governments.

SMT UK - a UK based version of The SMT Group.

ASMT - an Irish and Scottish version of The SMT Group.

Melville Cricket Club (MCC) Hamilton.


KiwiBaby Program - exercise Programs for 0-1 year olds

KiwiToddler Program - exercise Programs for 1-3 years olds.

KiwiPreschooler Program - exercise Programs 3-5 years olds.

(The KiwiBabylToddlerlPreschooler exercise Programs have been trialed in the Waikato, with the vision to be nationally and internationally accepted. These Programs have started in both Scotland and Wales (as of 2001) under the relevant companies listed above)

DEX Program (with Stephanie McLennan)

(This Program was sold to the Hillary Commission and spread throughout New Zealand under the title KiwiDex)

  John Wiltshire LLB  
Practicing lawyer
Acts in legal and managerial capacity for a number of sports people and organisations
Lecturer in Sport and Leisure Law in the Bachelor or Leisure Studies Degree at the University of Waikato
Member of Australia and New Zealand Sports Law Association
Started Waikato Sport Promotions with John Parker
Executive Director of Waikato Sport Promotions
Captained Auckland and Central Districts 1st Class cricket sides
Member Marylebone Cricket Club, Lords Cricket Ground, England
Cricket administrator
Managed representative cricket teams
Represented Auckland at hockey
Has coached cricket, men’s and women’s hockey teams
Radio cricket commentator
Foundation member (and subsequently Chairman) of Sport Hawke’s Bay
Chairman of St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton Board of Trustees
Executive member of Independent Schools Council
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